An Overhead Crane equiped with a Conductix-Wampfler C-Rail Cable Festoon System

Lifting and moving of goods is part of almost every production, assembly, or  logistic process. Depending on the size and weight of goods and materials, machines for lifting can be designed very differently. However, they all have vertical and horizontal movements in common. Next to floor mounted transportation and lifting equipment, cranes are the most used material handling equipment for this task. From simple hoists on fixed or swiveling beams, to overhead cranes, to fully automated and dedicated process cranes, the range of crane types is as wide as the kinds of goods that are handled by them – all over the world, every day. Energy and data transmission systems play a crucial role in the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of all types of cranes. Due to the different designs and functionalities of cranes, power supply and data transmission systems need to be very dedicated to fit the exact requirements. Also, the wide range of different environments where cranes operate, such as factories, steel mills, aluminum smelters, scrape cranes, timber mills, and waste-to-energy (WCR) puts very high and specialized demands on energy and data transmission systems.

Conductix-Wampfler is the worldwide leader in electrifying cranes. We offer standardized solutions for all types of cranes and can handle customized needs as well. Conductix-Wampfler offers a large network of Sales and Engineering facilities close to our customers. Local stocks and short lead times on standardized items guarantee the highest possible level of support for our customers.

Conductor Rails – for the runway travel of factory cranes, single pole insulatedmulti pole or  enclosed conductor rail systems have proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Cross travel on cranes can be handled with  conductor bars as well, using dedicated data transfer systems

Cable Festoon Systems – cross travel on cranes can be equipped with traditional but extremely reliable and durable  festoon systems (motor-driven or none motor-driven)

Energy Guiding Chain – can also manage  cables for the cross travel on cranes as well as for cranes with extendable booms.

Spring-Driven or  Motor-Driven Cable Reels – can manage  cables used in vertical lift applications.

Slip Rings – pass power and control to the moving part of cranes that rotate 360 degrees.

Rubber or Cellular Bumpers – cushion the direct part-to-part impacts of crane elements.

Jay Radio Remote Controls –  offer a safe way of operating or monitoring machines from a distance. The comprehensive range of industrial and safety radio remote controls offers countless solutions to adapt to an extensive number of crane applications.

Hot Metal Process Crane in a Metal Powder PlantConductor Rail System SinglePowerLine, Program 0813 and ProfiDAT Data Transmission System on a Process CraneConductor Rail System SinglePowerLine, Program 0813 and ProfiDAT Data Transmission System,

Hot Metal Process Crane in a Metal Powder Plant

Hot Metal Overhead Crane


Project installation date

Representative office
Conductix-Wampfler AB [SE]

BANG Kransysteme | Germany

Höganäs Sweden AB | Halmstadt | Sweden

Technical requirement[s]
Energy sypply and data transmission to one overhead crane with Conductor Rails and ProfiDAT®
[ProfiNet data transmission / Real-time data transmission to the crane PLC]

Travel length [Crane bridge]
95 m

Travel speed [Crane bridge]
60 m/min

Crane loading capacity
75 t / 25 t / 6,3 t

• ProfiDAT®, Program 0514
• Aluminum Conductor Rail, Program 0813 SingleFlexLine with standard PVC insulation up to +55 °C
• Aluminum Conductor Rail, Program 0813 SingleFlexLine with PPE insulation for ambient temperatures up to +85 °C

Current Collector
• ProfiDAT® current collector with protective earth carbon brush and data transmission antenna

Additonal product information
• ProfiDAT® for grounding and data transmission
• PPE insulated conductor rail segments are installed in the areas with the highest ambient temperature. Additional steel plates shield the conductor rails and ProfiDAT® profile from the radiation heat

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Single PowerLine 0813